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Press release / Waitrose adds Fussels Fine Foods to West Country suppliers list

An award-winning oil produced by a Somerset farmer has found favour with a national supermarket renowned for its quality of produce

The golden rapeseed oil grown and pressed by Andy Fussell can now be found on the shelves of four South West Waitrose stores.

The popular oil produced from the yellow fields now in full bloom has been endorsed by celebrity chefs and offers a very healthy alternative to olive and other oils.  It’s a versatile culinary ingredient and has a higher burning point than olive oil.

It has only six per cent saturated fat compared with olive oil, which typically has 14 per cent, and butter at 59 per cent.   Rapeseed oil also has naturally occurring Vitamin E, an antioxidant and is a good source of Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil retains these impressive health benefits and antioxidant properties when used for cooking – unlike olive oil. It is ideal for marinades and dressings, but as the oil has a high smoke point (more than 220°C), it also works well when used for frying or roasting at a high heat.   The other advantage of rapeseed oil is its ability to enhance the flavour of other ingredients.

Fussels Fine Foods’ cold pressed rapeseed oil is now available from Waitrose stores in Bath, Bristol, Gillingham and Melksham.

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