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Using a marketing agency for social media

We saw the post below on marketingdonut.co.uk (click image to read) and thought it would be useful to share our thoughts.

Three reasons why you should outsource your social media activity

Emily Lockey makes lots of good points in her article – time and expertise are the two common factors limiting most companies from marketing successfully, whether executing social media, public relations or any communications campaign.  There’s little point in undertaking marketing every now and then.  To get results, it has to be a full-time concern.

Our approach is to inspire and help clients with marketing, involving them in the process and helping them to become better social media communicators. Depending on the nature of a client’s business set up, there may well be scope for them to continue this marketing activity in house, with perhaps ongoing top ups of advice and support.

What do you think of the above article, can you manage your marketing in-house, or are you looking at marketing companies for help?

If the latter applies, send us a marketing rescue flare.