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Somerset tasters vote for local beer

A North Somerset farmer known for his home-grown oils has looked to local customers to determine the flavour of his new product

Following tastings at Frome’s Whiterow Farm Shop and Farmers’ Market, it was overwhelmingly decided that beer and horseradish should be used in Andy Fussell’s new bottled sauce.

Customers of the Rode farmer’s oils and sauces were asked to blind taste a selection of ingredients and vote on their favourite.

‘I’m actually very pleased that beer and horseradish triumphed’ commented Andy Fussell.   ‘It’s definitely reassuring in a county which produces some great ale!’

‘I can’t divulge the other ingredients we asked people to taste, as this will spoil the surprise for other food products we have planned.  The tastings provided a very useful exercise and most importantly for me, reinforced the home-grown ethos of my Fussels Fine Foods label.’

Andy’s new FGS sauce features the popular Buff beer produced by locally-based Blindmans Brewery.

‘The Fussell family name has firm origins in brewing, so it’s great that this element has been introduced to my products, particularly as the owners Paul and Lloyd are also from Rode.  It’s the ideal partnership: their approach to brewing is the same as mine to food.’

Lloyd Chamberlain, co-owner of Blindmans Brewery commented:

‘We are delighted to be working with our local friends at Fussels Fine Foods in supporting high quality local produce. It’s the first time that our beer has been to produce this kind of sauce, which provides a superb unique taste to many traditional dishes.’

When asked what FGS stands for, Andy responds:  ‘All I can say is that it derives from my reaction to the first tasting of this product.   As far as I’m concerned the G and S definitely stand for Good and Sauce, but I’ll leave it to my customers to decide what they’d like the F to represent!’

Designed to complement the Fussels Fine Foods dressings, mayonnaises and oils, FGS is designed to dollop!   Andy describes it as the ideal sauce for simple wintery food such as meat or vegetarian sausages, bacon sandwiches and pies – or any food worthy of a tasty accompaniment.

Established in 2002 by David Capps-Tunwell (MBE), Blindmans Brewery is now owned experienced brewers Paul Edney and Lloyd Chamberlain. Based at Talbot Farm in Leighton, between Frome and Shepton Mallet, the brewery has its own exclusive water spring.   Where possible, all ingredients used are locally-sourced, with malt supplied by Warminster Maltings, traditionally germinated on open floors in a process spanning centuries.

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