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Press release / recruitment just got smarter thanks to better insight

Insight, the world’s most advanced lead generation and recruitment marketing tool from Innovantage, is improving the bottom line for consultancies, job boards and media owners, and is expected to revolutionise the staffing sector in 2009

In a direct response to changing market conditions, the new 3.0 version of Insight has been developed to provide recruiters with a more intelligent desktop platform.  Its real-time market information strengthens the quality of service those in the recruitment sector are able to provide and enables consultants to be more effective in locating prospects and better understand the hiring needs of employers.

Innovantage’s easy-to-use yet highly advanced software tracks over three quarters of a million online job postings each month from the UK’s leading job boards and hundreds of thousands of employer websites; differentiating between direct employer and agency advertisers.  Insight subscribers are able to identify and win new business thanks to its ability to accelerate and improve lead generation and business development.

“Competitor advantage has never been so attractive to the staffing sector.  We’ve enhanced Insight to enable its users to exploit the weaknesses of their market rivals:  intelligence on the staffing requirements of targeted employers” commented Matthew Dewstowe, managing director of Innovantage.

“There simply isn’t another recruitment product like it.  The technology is so sophisticated that I’m confident its application will play a pivotal role for consultancies in the tougher times ahead.  By becoming more efficient and effective at business development, recruiters are afforded more time to focus on delivery and ultimately, client retention.

“The sector’s landscape has changed dramatically:  reversed since we launched Insight.  Now the challenge for recruiters is to locate companies that are actively recruiting and build new client relationships.“

Insight subscribers receive targeted job vacancy updates daily, straight to their desktop, without the need to scan job boards and individual employer websites.

The software’s upgrade allows subscribers to track the recruiting patterns of specific companies, with improved analytics functions that provide up-to-date market intelligence in snapshot form.  Armed with this information, the recruiter benefits from a true understanding of a prospect’s or existing client’s needs and is empowered to conduct a more informed and confident sales call.

Profiles of recruiting companies can be closely monitored and Insight’s newly enhanced filtering mechanism allows users to instantly determine employee numbers, turnover, sector, location and the contact details for key decision makers.  Recruiters are even able to see how many connections they are away from these individuals on social networking websites such as LinkedIn.

Furthermore, Insight allows users to identify the market sectors that will deliver the highest returns.

The first technology platform of its kind in the UK, Insight offers a full package solution – freeing up the time recruiters need to spend on new business development and allowing more time for fee-earning activity.

Working with many major players in the sector, Innovantage has firmly positioned itself as one of the leading operators within the UK recruitment intelligence market.

Call 02920 022600 or register at innovantage.co.uk/trial for a demonstration and learn in minutes, how Insight adds to the bottom line.