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Press release / Somerset producers collaborate and turn up the heat

Press release issued on behalf of Somerset food company, Fussels Fine Foods

TWO producers in the Frome area have partnered to produce a hot new product

The popular rapeseed oil from Rode farmer Andy Fussell has been fused with locally-grown chillies to create a fiery culinary oil.

East Woodlands producer Sarah Gratton produces the new Fussels chilli oil by infusing it with her Somerset-grown Bird’s Eye variety.  She also grows Scotch Bonnets and Habeneros, but prefers the small, pointed variety for this oil.

“As they’re small and not too fleshy, these chillies can be frozen and hydrated well; this means they don’t lose their heat or flavour when combined with the oil” commented Sarah, founder of Deers Leap Chillies.

“Rapeseed oil works well for this product as it has quite a robust flavour.  To make the infusion with the chillies it has to be heated; using olive oil for the same process doesn’t work as well.”

Earlier this year Andy partnered with locally-based Blindman’s Brewery to produce a beer and horseradish sauce. This time, his partnership sees the heat turned up on the end product’s taste.   He decided to collaborate with Sarah following customer feedback on preferred new products for his Fussels Fine Foods range.

“Just like our popular beer and horseradish sauce, this oil has come about as a direct response to listening to our customers” commented Rode farmer Andy Fussell. “Many have now tried the product at the farmers’ markets and the expressions on their faces says it all: it’s a hit!

“Rapeseed oil is such a versatile ingredient; there are so many opportunities for combining it with local and regional produce to create further delicious results.”

The new oil, branded under Andy’s Fine Foods label, can be used for drizzling over pizzas; adding a kick to a homemade vinaigrette or marinade; livening up cooked or roasted vegetables; or simply for dipping.

“I’d recommend using it for making soups; it adds a satisfying nutty, hot flavour” added Sarah.   “It’s a good value product as the oil will last. There’s also the option to simply add a little more of the original rapeseed oil to it, for those who want the chilli flavour, but not so much of the heat.”

The Somerset-flavoured rapeseed chilli oil is available from a number of local farmers’ markets and stockists – listed online at fusselsfinefoods.co.uk

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