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Dangerous Women Warning to Mendip Business Group

Press release issued for the Mendip Business Women’s Forum

“How good are you at spotting a dangerous Woman?” will be the question put to Mendip business women in August

At a meeting set to spark debate, members of the Mendip Business Women’s Forum (MBWF) will learn about their dangerous contemporaries and how best to avoid them.

On 5th August, former BBC reporter Roy Sheppard will share his findings from his book Venus: The Dark Side co-authored with Mary T Cleary, a world respected authority on domestic abuse perpetrated by dangerous women.

His talk will address how unscrupulous women do it; as well as what to do if such a woman targeted your son, a friend or a work colleague; and personal scenarios – have you been a victim of a dangerous woman?

Written to help men and provide fascinating reading for women, Mr Sheppard’s book catalogues for the first time, how unscrupulous women attack innocent men, women (primarily mothers against daughters) and children; physically, financially, psychologically and even sexually.

His talk to MBWF next month will help the audience to recognise the covert behaviour of dangerous women and how to be able to tell if she is preying on you.

Roy Sheppard’s talk will be given at Nutriheal on the Keward Mills Trading Estate in Wells from 7.30-9.30pm on Wednesday 5th August.

Anyone interested in attending or finding out more about MBWF should email Nicky Francis on nicky.francis@googlemail.com. Alternatively visit www.mendipbusinesswomen.co.uk or join the forum’s group on Facebook.