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Press release / Cardiff police stop promoting dad

Press release issued on behalf of Maud’s Baby Show, a new Welsh programme of events

In a bid to promote the first Welsh baby show in Cardiff, a father-of-three has been stopped by police in the city centre

Ryan Deacon was helping his wife to promote the new Maud’s Baby Show, when his branded car attracted unexpected attention from the police this week.

Mr Deacon was surprised when he was approached by a policeman after stopping at a red traffic light, who asked if he had any event flyers he could give him.

“It was totally unexpected.  As everyone feels when a policeman approaches your car, I thought I must have done something wrong!” commented Mr Deacon from Carmarthenshire.

“Instead, he smiled and said he’d heard about the shows and as his wife was due to have a baby soon, wondered if he could have some information about the event to take home to her.”

Mrs Deacon said:  “I’ve also been approached by people in Cardiff while sat at the traffic lights – all wanting more information on the show.  It’s all been quite overwhelming, but I’m so pleased.  The marketing’s obviously working!”

Inspired by her experiences of isolation as a new mum, Mrs Deacon launched her new baby show business this year, to help Welsh people access the information they need when becoming parents.  The Cardiff event will be held at the CIA on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Mrs Deacon’s innovative approach to marketing the events has also meant the first Reverse Graffiti on the streets of the city centre.  An eco-friendly form of advertising and the opposite of conventional graffiti – parts of Cardiff’s streets have been cleaned by high pressure water hoses to display the Maud’s Baby Show polar bear logo.

Polar bears clean up the streets of Cardiff

Polar bears clean up the streets of Cardiff

Another coup for the event is the ABC Design TakeOff Compact Buggy, as seen in last week’s episode of The Apprentice and available to purchase at the CIA this weekend.

Named in memory of her grandmother, the Mauds Baby Show will donate half of the proceeds from its ticket sales to Leukaemia Research.

The event has attracted attention from and established partnerships with The Body Shop, Real Nappy Campaign Wales, the British Red Cross and the NCT, the UK’s leading charity for parents.

Leukaemia Research has been selected as the beneficiary from a percentage of each show’s ticket sales.

The Welsh Assembly has recognised Maud’s Baby Shows under the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme, which identifies premises that understand and support the needs of breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

Free first aid lessons will be available for parents at each show from the British Red Cross, alongside parenting workshops provided by family support professional and author of the Preparenting Programme, Christine Meadows.

Free professionally-staffed crèche facilities which can cater for children with special needs will also be available.

For further information visit www.maudsbabyshow.co.uk, or join the Maud’s Baby Show group on Facebook.