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Press release / Bra specialist banks on beating breast cancer

Press release issued for Frome lingerie boutique, Opal

A Frome woman is urging people to dig out unwanted underwear to make others more breast cancer aware.

Opal’s owner is taking action to highlight the increase in the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

The lingerie boutique based on The Bridge will provide a special bank for people to deposit their unwanted bras.

These will be recycled to raise funds for research conducted by the national charity Against Breast Cancer.

“So many of us have bras which are never worn or no longer fit – here’s the opportunity for a positive clear out!” commented Opal owner, Randa Bott.

Figures from Cancer Research UK suggest that breast cancer accounts for almost a third of cases and is now the most common cancer in women.

Randa added:

“Breasts are a significant part of our feminine identity for many reasons: their loss can be devastating.

“Thankfully, when it comes to the all important prosthesis bra, the options have become much better.

“Many of my customers come referred from the NHS.  After they’ve had a mastectomy, so many women suffer a loss of confidence and feel unsure as to clothing they can wear.  This kind of advice isn’t readily available from hospital staff.”

Since opening her shop four years ago, Randa has provided post mastectomy fittings.  This service has been met with growing demand; many women are referred on to her by nurses at the RUH Bath and Bristol Royal Infirmary.

She stresses that there are now design-led bras for women post mastectomy and that it is critical that women are properly measured with their prosthesis – both for posture and confidence.

“My service complements that provided by the nurses, who will often also help with advice on the new bra fitting.  It is important that this is carried out by a specialist as bra fitting is as much about body shape as it is measurements.  Working to a previous size doesn’t usually work as statistically, most women are wearing the wrong one.

“Getting my customers fitted properly after their operation is vital to ensure they get the right size and shape of prosthesis.  This is critical to helping women to regain their confidence after such a life-changing experience.”

Throughout June and July unwanted bras can be deposited in the recycling bank at Opal lingerie.

Appointments for prosthesis bra fittings can be made by calling Randa on 01373 455587. She can also advise on general wardrobe choices.

Randa plans to continue developing this side of her lingerie business, sourcing more choice, specialist bras and building on her fitting expertise.

Against Breast Cancer funds research by expert clinical scientists at University College London, who use breast tissue and patient samples to identify markers that can detect the re-appearance of breast cancer in women already treated for breast cancer.

The charity’s national diet and lifestyle study of breast cancer survivors involves over 3,300 women in 57 hospitals across the UK; the study is the largest of its kind in the world.

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