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Before take-off

Are you ready for PR? To make it really work for your business, there are various points worth considering.

As good hints come in threes, here’s a quick checklist designed to help your marketing spend work harder:

Are the basics right – is your website in a fit state to present your products and services? Does it make it easy for people to contact or buy from you?

Check that the basics are in place and working i.e. your phone number, email address and contact form are easily accessible. If you want people to buy direct from your site, test drive the purchasing process and make sure it is straightforward and working properly.

How’s your photography looking? Do you have well shot, compelling photography of your products and your people? The office camera might be pretty special but if the results aren’t, help is at hand to point you towards the right photographer and ensure they are briefed for appropriate professional material.

Thinking ahead. Timings involved in PR are often overlooked or perhaps not always understood by businesses; it pays to get advice and get this right. If one of your objectives is to increase national awareness of your brand, it’s worth knowing that the editorial in many of the magazines on newsagent shelves is planned months in advance – sometimes as much as six. Don’t worry, not all journalists work this far ahead, but as with any media, the earlier your approach, the better.