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Why PR isn’t a lottery

Not including any of the BBC media coverage achieved for one particular client, with whom we have been working since April, we’ve notched up a whopping amount of exposure.  Had this been bought as advertising space, it would have cost a minimum of £750,000.

This figure does not include any of the huge BBC hits we’ve engineered, which on the national side, include Simon Mayo’s Drive Time show on BBC Radio 2 and Mike Bushell’s Sporting Challenge on BBC Breakfast.

However, it’s not really a scientific evaluation.  Editorial (the stuff you buy papers and magazines to read, or turn on the radio and television to hear and watch, without perhaps realising), is unquestionably more influential than its advertising sidekick.  If we were a PR agency somewhere back in the 90s, we would be applying a multiplier scoring figure to this equivalent advertising figure, to then produce an editorial value of the media coverage achieved.

I don’t really buy into this system, as PR is no where near an exact science, which is probably why it’s so powerful.  On the other hand, it is great to be able to look back at over half a year’s work and see the difference it’s made.

The client in question?  The UK sport of pigeon racing.