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A week in the life of a press release

BBC News

I’ve written before about the power of the press release, citing examples of how hard a well crafted media story can work. But this week, I reckon we smashed it.  Without wishing to puff out our feathers too much, the results from our latest client story represent a real coup.

The following examples provide a snapshot of where we landed our latest press story – about the remains of a World War II carrier pigeon found to be carrying a coded message.

Hours after releasing this story, it has received plenty of UK attention, from the BBC, ITV and the national press, as well as some regional and specialist channels – see below.

It has also flown the coop, across the seas and been picked up by the likes of the New York Times, Huffington Post and Australia’s Herald Sun.  A quick Google or Twitter search for “secret carrier pigeon” will reveal even more.  As I write this post, our media story – for UK pigeon racing – continues to pop up on new media channels.

Avalanche’s job was to raise the profile of pigeon racing in the UK – to let the general public know that there are still some active 40,000+ pigeon fanciers. Telling the story of the racing pigeon’s noble role during the war, as a cross-Channel communication courier, has attracted new interest in the sport, and attracted countless further media opportunities, from channels keen to explore the story behind one of Britain’s traditional pursuits.

PR gives you wings!

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