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Press release / South-west anger specialist fires into business

Press release issued for Beating Anger Bath

A Somerset businessman has drawn on his military experience to improve the well-being of others.

After witnessing the negative effects of stress and anger, ex Royal Navy air engineering technician Mark Urry has launched a consultation and support service.

The current UK bill for mental health is over £100 billion per year; an increase in stress and serious anger-related problems are forcasted, due to current economic difficulties.

“Left unchallenged unhealthy anger can ruin relationships, careers and lives” explained Mark, director of Beating Anger Bath, based in Midsomer Norton.

“It’s a society taboo because of the negative association with anger, so it’s a feeling which often isn’t healthily managed or recognised until it’s too late.  Stress is a more widely used term and has a fuelling effect on anger but this doesn’t necessarily pinpoint the cause of the problem.  In the workplace in particular, this emotion can be expensive – even those in influential or senior roles can find themselves expendable when their behaviour proves too destructive to those around them.”

Mark underwent extensive training and qualified with the British Association of Anger Management.  He stresses that it is a natural and healthy feeling, which can be controlled.  His business aims to help individuals to understand their emotions better, to improve the quality of their working and personal lives.  He adds that the break over Easter and bank holiday weekends can also prove a mixed blessing.

“For many, the pressures associated with holidays such as spending and family dynamics can ruin this downtime – and subsequently, the return to work.”

He added:

“Money is a prime cause of stress, particularly in the current economic climate – but it’s important to address and control the emotional impact. Identifying the sources of our anger and what triggers it is key to responding to a situation. There’s a subtle difference here, but it encourages self-empowerment.  I’ve seen so many lives of individuals and families completely transformed by professional support and guidance.”

Mark’s support is available on a flexible basis and can be provided one-to-one, or for groups.  To help people better understand their own stress levels, he is offering a new five-minute online test.  Once completed, the user will receive a personal stress score by email and information on what this means and if relevant, how this level can be lowered instantly.  This is a free, discreet service available at beatingangerbath.co.uk

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