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Press release / Somerset sunflowers receive food award

Press release issued on behalf of Somerset-based Fussels Fine Foods

A farmer who lights up the North Somerset countryside with his sunflowers each summer has won an award for the quality of their taste

Andy Fussell and his award-winning sunflowers

Andy Fussell with his award-winning sunflowers

Earlier this year Andy Fussell produced Somerset’s first premium sunflower oil from his own crop, which has received recognition from the South West’s food and drink trade organisation.

The Taste of the West Awards, one of the most highly respected accolades in the food and drink industry, has awarded Mr Fussell’s sunflower oil with a bronze award under the Sauces & Accompaniments category.  His quince and cider vinegar dressing also received a bronze award.

“A pretty good result for the county’s first premium variety – I’m very pleased with this result, which reinforces the feedback from our customers” commented Mr Fussell.

He continued:

“Our rapeseed oil received a gold award two years ago, but in a more competitive product category, I think this is high praise for our first yield. It’s proof that you can produce a Mediterranean product in a Somerset climate!

“I’m always determined to do something different and prove that there’s more to English food than you might think.”

Andy Fussell’s fields of sunflowers in Rode, North Somerset have become a regular and spectacular feature on the A36 road between Frome and Bath. Following the success of his cold-pressed rapeseed oil, the Rode farmer decided to plant a crop of sunflower, to produce another premium quality oil. For more information visit www.fusselsfinefoods.co.uk

Established sixteen years ago, the Taste of the West Awards champion successful and high quality businesses across food and drink production, hospitality and food retail.