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Press release / Somerset farmer bottles summer

Press release issued on behalf of Somerset-based Fussels Fine Foods

Andy Fussell with his sunflowers

Andy Fussell with his sunflowers

A farmer whose crop attracted the attention of motorists on the A36 has produced Somerset’s first sunflower oil

Last summer Andy Fussell’s fields of sunflowers provided a spectacular backdrop on the Frome A36 stretch from the Beckington Texaco roundabout towards Bath.

Inspired by the positive reaction to the bottled rapeseed oil he launched two years ago, he decided to plant a crop of sunflower, to produce another premium quality oil.

‘I’ve always fancied growing sunflowers and so initially, this was a bit of a “try it and see” venture.  Fortunately, the result has been just as good as the rapeseed’ commented Mr Fussell.

‘It’s often assumed that this oil can only be produced in a Mediterranean climate, but I was determined to produce a premium British sunflower oil and prove the sceptics wrong.

‘The taste and quality of this oil is superb – nothing like the mass produced stuff you can buy.  It tastes just like summer!’

He added: ‘I’m really pleased with the reaction we’ve had so far.  It’s such a nice thing to be stopped by someone who wants to tell you how much they like your product.’

The Extra Virgin sunflower oil joins the growing line up of products in the Fussels Fine Foods range, including the popular rapeseed oil, real mayonnaises and dressings inspired by British ingredients.

Mr Fussell is also planning further product launches this year and has launched a new website, containing local stockist information and a blog featuring regular updates on his farming activity – www.fusselsfinefoods.co.uk