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Saxonvale: the tipping point

Another public meeting is being held next Wednesday about the proposals for a large supermarket on Saxonvale

Following the demonstration of its proposed size in Victoria Park, the meeting in the Cheese and Grain on 23rd March will clarify the current situation, and provide advice on how the local community can have its say.

“It’s at a very critical point.   The planning options for the Saxonvale site are now becoming much clearer, so we feel it’s important to impart this information and help people to understand what they can do to have their voices heard” commented campaigner John Harris.

The meeting will include input from Max Wide, a long term Frome resident who has held a number of senior roles in local goverment, and now advises local government on community involvement.

The development planned by St James Investments comprises a 40,000 square foot supermarket, plus a further 40,000 square foot of retail space and 500 car parking spaces.

Mr Harris continued:

“As a useful point of comparison, we understand that the ASDA store in Frome is approximately 65,000 square foot in size; M&S is roughly 12,000.   The new Tesco store in Shepton Mallet represents the scale of the supermarket planned for Frome.”

“We will keep the length of the meeting short, but hope that people across all viewpoints on this planned development do attend.”

The meeting next Wednesday will start at 7.30pm.

For updates and more information on the plans for redevelopment site in the centre of Frome visit the blog, saxonvalesupermarket.blogspot.com, join the ‘No more big supermarkets in Frome’ Facebook group, or follow @Saxonvale on Twitter.