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The media sets the agenda, determining what people talk about. It is this word of mouth that Avalanche can help you to trigger.

We are a marketing company applying a creative, practical approach to this form of storytelling, based on our journalistic backgrounds and experience in achieving high profile PR results.

Getting good press coverage can help businesses in a number of ways. Not only does media attention and coverage help to fuel awareness, it can be used to help shift perception about a brand or company, as well as explain ideas or concepts, tell brand stories, and, (this is the really good bit):  press coverage can lead to more press coverage!

Getting good media results can take time, combining planning and careful copy writing with media liaison. Avalanche will help your brand or business to make the headlines and clearly communicate its story.

We offer an ad hoc press release distribution and writing service, as well as monthly PR packages to help businesses make the headlines and attract press and media coverage.

As public relations and marketing specialists, we use a variety of communication techniques to ensure our clients benefit from the public and media attention they need to grow. Our journalism background means we write and issue press material with the needs of the recipient journalists in mind.

Results and case studies

How press coverage can really give you wings – an Avalanche case study