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Pallet prices stacking up

Press release issued for Somerset-based Somerlap

Recycling services offered by a south-west manufacturing firm have soared in demand following the increase in value of used pallets

Somerlap Pallets, based in Somerset offers a reconditioning service – collecting broken pallets from factories and warehouses, then repairing and reselling them. The growing popularity of this recycling scheme has generated employment at the manufacturing business.

‘Many businesses in the region could well benefit from the additional revenue delivered back by this scheme’ commented Kevin Bond, managing director of Somerlap.

‘We have had to expand our workforce to handle the increase in orders from companies wanting to refurbish and reuse their pallets. We’ll be recruiting again soon as part of this expansion.’

He continued:

‘The growing demand for woodchip as fuel for biomass boilers has created this knock-on effect in our market; the value of used pallets is increasing and so too is the opportunity for other businesses with warehouse operations to benefit from their appreciation.’

Six months ago, the Somerset business announced its partnership with Yeo Valley. Somerlap Pallets collects damaged and unwanted pallets from the organic dairy company’s warehouses in the south-west and from their resale delivers back a saving of between £30,000 and £40,000 a year.

This sustainable recycling operation has allowed Yeo Valley to build on its environmental credentials and has introduced a substantial new revenue stream.

‘We’re keen to highlight this opportunity to skip companies and other regional businesses with broken pallets on their hands’ continued Kevin.   ‘Many have piles of these cluttering space, which could potentially be recycled and then deliver back savings to their business.’