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Online in 60 seconds | social media workshop planning

We have got more social media workshops in the diary for next week, so we’re checking out some of the latest statistics and case studies on effective online marketing.  Whatever the business size, we feel it’s important to aim high and inspire people with great success stories.

This social media infographic, produced by Qmee always proves popular, and is a great starting point for any marketing consultancy sessions.


Infographic:  what happens online, every minute

What happens online, every minute

Yes, mind-boggling amounts of activity occur every second, every minute on the web, but so, so much of it is instantly forgettable, non engaging dross. The trick is not to fall in with the majority here, applying some basic marketing rules and thinking to ensure an investment in social media marketing is worthwhile and rewarding.

If posts across Facebook are receiving an average 1.8 million likes each second, there’s plenty of opportunity to gain some social love for your business, whatever its size.