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New year, new projects

Recession or no recession, with the start of a new year comes new ideas and new projects.  For many, it’s a great time to progress with new initiatives and push the business forward.  I love working with people who have this drive and thought I’d highlight a few new projects underway…

Kaz Deacon is an inspiring woman. As if raising three young children wasn’t enough, her raising of a family in Wales and experience of isolation as a new mum inspired her to launch a new career:  Wales’ first ever series of baby shows.  Named in memory of her inspirational grandmother, the first Maud’s Baby Show will take place in Swansea’s Grand Theatre next month.  This will then be followed by the first of two appearances at Cardiff’s CIA in May; the Carmarthen event at Trinity College in September; and the final 2009 show back at the CIA in October.

Kaz’s new business venture has already resulted in partnerships with the British Red Cross, The Body Shop and Welsh Real Radio.  Leukaemia Research has been selected as the beneficiary from a percentage of each show’s ticket sales.

Those who would like to visit or exhibit at these events can find out more by visiting maudsbabyshow.co.uk or get on Facebook and join the Maud’s Baby Show group.

Period property owners listen up – the UK’s first double glazed sash window that meets listed building requirements is here!

Any one who lives in or works in a building with original sash windows will understand the associated problems:  draughts, heat loss, condensation on the windows, vibrations… outside noise..!  Until now, owners of listed property have their hands tied when wanting to resolve these issues, owing to planning restrictions.

Enter the experts at the Sash Window Consultancy who understand these problems only too well, but have used their experience to produce Slenderlgaze – the first handcrafted double glazed sash window (they’ll fit it too), which meets the planning requirements for listed buildings.

Even better, these windows are more thermally efficient and in keeping with the appearance of period buildings than alternative options currently available.

The firm has already wowed several conservation architects and builders working on period properties, with this breakthrough, as even to the trained eye, the Slenderglaze is difficult to detect as being a new window.

Pete and Neil at the Sash Window Consultancy have years of experience in working with period buildings, so if you’d like to find out more, give them a call for a friendly, informed chat – 01225 424434.  Or have a look at their new website www.sashconsultancy.co.uk

10 Years Younger in Just a Weekend

Good news for those wanting to achieve a noticeably more youthful appearance within just a weekend- the revolutionary QuickLift technique.

Currently only available at the Me Cosmetic Medicine in Clifton, Bristol, this procedure has had a huge take up in the US.  It costs significantly less than a full facelift at only £2,450 and patients not only benefit from the long lasting results, but virtually undetectable incision lines and a relatively short recovery period – can be performed without sedation, meaning no overnight stay.

For those who want to improve the look of their jaw and neckline, the QuickLift technique offers immediate and very natural looking results.  Benefits include the removal of jowls, overall firming of the lower facial area and neck, as well as improved jaw line definition.

To find out more about this advance in the facelift procedure, call the Me Cosmetic Clinic on 0117 3250325.  More information on the Quicklift and other procedures and treatments available at www.cosmetic-medicine.co.uk

World leading software expected to change fortunes of recruiters

For anyone working in the staffing sector, take note, things are about to change for the better…

Insight, the world’s most advanced lead generation and recruitment marketing tool from Innovantage, is improving the bottom line for consultancies, job boards and media owners, and is expected to revolutionise the staffing sector in 2009.

There’s simply no other software that offers the capability of Insight.  Its real-time market information enables recruitment consultants to be more effective in locating prospects and better understand the hiring needs of employers.

Innovantage’s easy-to-use yet highly advanced software tracks over three quarters of a million online job postings each month from the UK’s leading job boards and hundreds of thousands of employer websites; differentiating between direct employer and agency advertisers.

The desire for competitor advantage in the staffing sector is at an all time high and this intelligent software enables its users to exploit the weaknesses of their market rivals:  up-to-date market intelligence

Those who subscribe to Insight receive targeted job vacancy updates daily, straight to their desktop, without the need to scan job boards and individual employer websites.  Better still it allows you to track the recruiting patterns of specific companies, and view market intelligence on these firms in snapshot form.  Recruiters are even able to see how many connections they are away from identified individuals on social networking websites such as LinkedIn.

Armed with this information, the recruiter then of course benefits in being able to make a more informed and confident sales call.

Interested? Call 02920 022600 or register for a demo of Insight at www.innovantage.co.uk/trial