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Le Tour de France: PR planning for media cadence

It’s a sporting summer frenzy, with tennis, football and cycling setting the media agenda – from news to shopping features. And just as the planning and preparation for these events starts months before, so too does the associated marketing.

Earlier this year, we worked with Frome-based The Bicycle Academy to produce a press story announcing its new staff. We used this as an opportunity to not only showcase its new teachers, but also introduce the bicycle frame building business to new media contacts. As a result, a key Telegraph journalist was signed up for a week of hands on tuition (with no previous experience). His experience generated press coverage in Saturday’s Telegraph, in the cycling-focused Weekend section. Score! And this week, further online coverage. Magnifique!

The Telegraph Weekend supplement
The Bicycle Academy hits The Telegraph's Tour de France Weekend supplement


Coverage online in The Telegraph, for The Bicycle Academy

Coverage online in The Telegraph, for The Bicycle Academy