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Introducing: Studio 5

You wouldn’t believe the hours of brainstorming, deliberating, hardcore biscuit eating and beer swilling that has gone into the branding of our working collective.  It’s been tough up here in Studio 5 at The Old Church School.

“Ah, wait!  That’s it – what about Studio 5?  All those in favour…”

And so it was that our collective name was born.  As with most great ideas, the simplest proved the best.

We’ll let this new website do the talking.  It’s deliberately straight forward as we don’t much like hiding behind this stuff, so if any of our specialisms are useful, please get in touch.

Studio 5's new website

Studio 5: the real Cookie Collective.
Photography, social media, digital, film and PR people and businesses – working as a collective. Powered by biscuits.
Based in Frome, Somerset.