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Glastonbury memories

This year marked the 40th birthday of Glastonbury Festival – with the temperature nearly equalling this figure at times too.

A hot, dusty, but another great year in the Worthy Farm fields. Each year is so different; I never tire of looking back over photos of the festival and thought I’d share a few. The following shots span the past five years… you can never have enough flags!

when the rains came

The lovely Jazz World flags, Glastonbury 2005

Incredible wicker creations in the Green Fields, Glastonbury 2005

hand sculpture

Decadence is a Glastonbury tipi

Always colourful: The Park at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Rolf Harrises

The Pyramid Stage at night

Pyramid Stage sundown

Happy butterfly man at The Park, Glastonbury

more flags, can't beat 'em

Never know who you might meet on the dance floor in Trash City

floodlit portaloos, Glastonbury

Dance fields by night, Glastonbury

yellow flags against blue skies, Glastonbury

Comfy Crappers, Glastonbury

Dancers in the Green Fields


fluffy people, Glastonbury

More Jazz World flags

dance flags

Glastonbury Festival montage

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