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Press release / Fussels Fine Foods launches new rapeseed-based sauces

Press release issued for Somerset rapeseed oil and food company Fussels Fine Foods

Following the success of his bottled rapeseed oil, Somerset-based farmer Andy Fussell has launched a new range of rapeseed oil-based sauces inspired by traditional English ingredients

All made using Fussels’ cold-pressed rapeseed oil, alongside simple, quality regional ingredients, the new additions to the Fussels Fine Food range comprise:

Classic Rapeseed Mayonnaise made with free range eggs to create a flavoursome, healthier alternative to ready-made mayonnaise.  The new Rapeseed Mayonnaise with Mint offers a twist on the classic and provides a delicious accompaniment to new potatoes or a fresh leaf salad.  The mayonnaises are available in 240g jars, RRP is around £3.19.

The two new dressings from Fussels re-introduce traditional English flavours to the table, with Quince & Cider Vinegar and Classic English Herb dressing providing delicious, fresh-tasting accompaniments to any salad, or alternative to butter on a warm dish.  The dressings are available in 260g bottles and have an RRP or £3.35.

“With consumers increasingly demanding locally-sourced food and demonstrating loyalty to brands with strong values, I’m extremely excited about the potential for these new products” commented Andy Fussell.

“The Fussels brand is about simple, honest, English food and with these new mayonnaises and dressings, we’ve deliberately gone back to basics on ingredients to produce classic-tasting products – made the way they are supposed to be.  The great thing about sauces made from quality ingredients is that it really doesn’t matter what you use them with – good food is there to be enjoyed”

To complement this new range, Andy Fussell will also be launching bottled extra virgin sunflower oil later this year.

Both the sunflower and rapeseed oil are sown, grown, harvested and cold-pressed on Andy Fussell’s farm in Rode, North Somerset.  For more information or for trade enquiries, please visit www.fusselsfinefoods.co.uk or call 01373 831286.

About Fussels’ Fine Foods’ Rapeseed Oil:

The award-winning rapeseed oil was launched in 2007 and has since proved a popular product with chefs, caterers and consumers.  As the flagship product for Fussels Fine Foods, the rapeseed oil was launched as a British alternative to olive oil, thanks to its generous servings of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, rapeseed oil contains lower levels of bad saturated fats than olive oil, but higher levels of good poly and monounsaturated fats, alongside vitamin E.

The oleic acid naturally found in the oil gives it a high smoke point of around 230°C, which makes it ideal for cooking at high temperatures.

The rapeseed oil from Fussels Fine Foods received a gold award under the ‘Sauce’ category at the 2007 Taste of the West Awards.