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Press release / Fussell up your summer!

Press release issued on behalf of Somerset food producer, Andy Fussell and Fussels Fine Foods

When it stops raining and you’re planning your next barbecue or picnic, treat your dishes to the new mayonnaises and dressings from Fussels Fine Foods.

Made using Somerset-grown rapeseed oil and free range eggs, they taste just as they should.

Classic Rapeseed Mayonnaise made with free range eggs provides a flavoursome, healthier alternative to ready-made mayonnaise.

The Rapeseed Mayonnaise with Mint offers a twist on the classic and provides a delicious accompaniment to new potatoes or a fresh leaf salad.  Both mayonnaises are available in 240g jars, for around £3.19 each.

The two new dressings from Fussels re-introduce traditional English flavours to the table, with Quince & Cider Vinegar and Classic English Herb dressing providing delicious, fresh-tasting accompaniments to any salad, or alternative to butter on a warm dish.

The dressings are available in 260g bottles and cost around £3.35. Ideal for homemade marinades and dressings, Fussels extra virgin sunflower oil and its flagship extra virgin rapeseed oil are sown, grown, pressed and bottled on Andy Fussell’s farm in Rode, Somerset.  Both cost around £4.95 for 500ml.

If ymaking dressings or marinading, Fussels’ flagship Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil and the new Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil – a first for Somerset – provide the perfect ingredient.  If the rain continues to pour, no problem, they’re also great for frying and roasting!

All of these products are available to buy online – visit www.fusselsfinefoods.co.uk to order, or locate your nearest stockist. Alternatively call 01373 831286.