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Press release / FromeFM launches new mobile listening service

Press release issued on behalf of community radio station, FromeFM

Frome’s community radio station has become one of the first in the country to be accessible via a mobile phone

FromeFM organisers have upgraded the station’s technology to allow listeners to pick up the station on phones which are WAP/GPRS enabled.

“It’s now possible to pick up the station on virtually any modern mobile, which makes it easier to listen on the move, at home, at work, at the beach… almost anywhere!” commented FromeFM organiser Phil Moakes.

“While many still prefer to listen via an actual radio set, FromeFM is predominantly internet-based and these radio sets can still be quite costly. We have a growing audience of people listening online, so it seemed logical to extend the option to mobile phones.

“What’s really exciting is that this breakthrough brings FromeFM into the car.   I’ve been using my mobile to listen on my way to work and back. This mobile technology means the station is now just that – on air, in the air, everywhere!

“To my knowledge, very few stations offer this listening service and we are really excited about its potential to unlock a new audience.“

Visit fromefm.co.uk for further information on how to listen to the station on a mobile phone.

This is a free service provided by FromeFM, but costs may be incurred to listen via a mobile phone, depending on the contract conditions from your phone service provider.

FromeFM broadcasts 24 hours a day on the internet at www.fromefm.co.uk.   New material and programmes are added every week and the station’s growing popularity means over 1,000 shows are downloaded each month by people in Frome and beyond.