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Press release / Frome boutique owner welcomes Trinny & Susannah bra revelations

Press release issued for Opal, a Frome lingerie boutique

A boutique owner from Frome is offering support and advice to female customers after a new study revealed that 70 per cent of women wear the wrong size bra.

Last week’s shock revelations from ITV’s no-nonsense style gurus, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, were warmly welcomed by Frome businesswoman, Randa Bott who was one of the few not to be shocked by the statistics quoted on the latest Undress the Nation programme.

“Sadly, many women in the UK feel too self conscious to walk into a lingerie shop and ask to be measured for a bra – a real shame as I’ve been able to help many women find underwear which is flattering and fits properly,” she explained.

After opening Opal lingerie on Catherine Hill in September this year, Mrs Bott has offered free fitting and sizing consultations to her customers.

“Like buying a pair of shoes, unfortunately sizes between different brands can vary and therefore a proper fitting is essential to ensure that your money isn’t wasted.”

“On a more serious note, there can also be health implications in wearing ill-fitting under garments, so it’s well worth taking the time to get it right.”

“Whatever your shape or size – large or small – correct-fitting and flattering underwear can make an incredible difference to how you look and feel.”

Based at the foot of Catherine Hill, Opal offers an exquisite range of design-led, flattering underwear, sportswear, camisoles and hosiery for women of all sizes.  Randa also has plans to include mastectomy wear later this year (alongside specialist fittings) and even introduce her own range of stylish made-to-measure feminine lingerie to the boutique.

For a free bra fitting customers can visit the boutique at 33 Catherine Hill, or telephone 01373 455587.  Alternatively, visit www.opallingerie.co.uk