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Press release / Five ways to kick start your marketing career

Press release issued for Quicklook ebooks

HOPEFULS wanting to carve a career in the world of marketing can now gain a valuable insight in just 90 minutes – courtesy of a new ebook.

Quicklook at Marketing is the latest in a series of professional interest guides, written specifically for electronic viewing on iPads, iPhones, iPods, desktops, laptops and other PDF compatible ebook readers.

The first ebook written by Patrick Forsyth – marketing expert and author of over 50 business books – Quicklook at Marketing demystifies the profession, while stressing the importance of a back to basics understanding.

“Marketing is one of the most misunderstood elements of business, yet it’s a career choice which continues to be over subscribed,” explained Forsyth.

“This new 90-minute read provides an informed insight into the application and career opportunity offered by the profession.    The ebook format means this guide can be referenced at any time and any where.”

Quicklook books are short non-fiction books written for electronic viewing.   In less than 90 minutes, readers can gain an insight into a broad range of subjects, from expert authors.

According to Forsyth, pressures in the rushed modern workplace have had a profound effect on many marketing decisions made.

He explained:  “marketing is a profession which has changed rapidly in recent years.   But it’s important to remember that while the messages may have evolved, the principles remain the same.

“Providing good customer service, for example, still remains as important as it ever did.

“There is now more potential to get things wrong, but this is why the right people in this field are so valued.

“Their ability to think creatively and not introspectively about a business isn’t always shared by colleagues; it takes a skilled marketer to look at the organisation through the customer’s eyes and plan the marketing accordingly.”

Quicklook books has compiled five top tips to help hopefuls get a foot in the door of the marketing profession:

1.  Get experience – paid, or voluntary if needed, to boost relevant qualifications.  These will demonstrate commitment towards starting a career and help in terms of meeting the right people. Unpaid or temporary work can often lead to other opportunities.

2.  Networking – in person and via social media.  As above, personal contact can prove influential, so make an effort to meet the right people and if appropriate, tailor job applications accordingly.

3.  Spell check – before firing off that CV, email or tweet, ensure it’s word perfect.  Sloppy spelling and grammar are a real turn off to potential employers, particularly in the marketing and communications sector.

4.  Consider professional qualifications.  Bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Institute of PR offer various skills and training, as well as career development options.   These also help to demonstrate commitment to career choice as well as develop confidence and marketing skills in a specific field or discipline, such as public relations.

5.  Talk to those with experience. You’ll find most will be generous with advice and possibly even mentoring support.  A lot can be learned from enquiring about the average working day of someone already in this line of work – and deciding whether this would suit you.

Other subjects currently covered by Quicklook books include Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Wine, Flying, India, Dogs, Defence, Human Resources and Property.  Computing, Police and Movies are planned for future publication.

Each Quicklook ebook is priced at £2.99, or three for £5.97.  For more information visit quicklookbooks.com

About the author:
Patrick Forsyth is an experienced marketing consultant, trainer and writer. He has worked for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, been a director on the board of a consulting firm and worked as a trainer in many different industries.  He now runs his own consultancy business and regularly writes articles on marketing and other management topics and is an author of a number of books on these subjects.

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