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Press release / BWW celebrates 50 years

Press release issued on behalf of BWW Printers

2008 is a landmark year for BWW Printers in Bridgwater, which this year marks 50 years in business, a company takeover and a brand new website.

Recently bought out by North West printing visionary Allan Kerr, BWW has developed from a firm originally started to supply a few local firms, to a well-established local supplier of high quality letterpress and litho printing.

BWW was founded by Mr Laurie Aspey and Mr Bill Isaac who bought a small print company in Bridgwater in 1958 to furnish Aspey’s other company in Weston-super-Mare, the local football club and a handful of other local businesses.

The company then moved the presses and its employees to the Colley Lane Estate in 1965 and increased its customer base to many more local businesses, associations and local authorities.

In 1973, Aspey passed away and left his half of BWW to his son Tony, who is still employed by the firm.  In 1995 Isaac retired and passed away in 2000.

The company boasts a strong client loyalty record, with many customers supplied by BWW for over 30 years.  Printing processes have changed over the 50 years the firm has been in operation, and several members of staff have been employed by BWW since the 1960s.   Olive Benson, joined BWW as an office worker in 1965 and then progressed to becoming a director, alongside Tony Aspey, before the firm was acquired by Kerr in March this year.

“2008 has provided a real milestone for BWW and it’s very satisfying to consider how much the company has grown since it started.  The recent buyout has allowed the company to continue as a trusted provider of print services to local firms, and has also helped in enabling us to offer a wider range of products to our customers” commented Mrs Benson.

BWW has this month launched a new website to demonstrate its range of print services – www.bwwprint.co.uk – which include letterheads, leaflets, invitations, stationery, business cards and draw tickets.  For further information, either visit the website, call 01278 423637 or email sales@bwwprint.co.uk