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Press release / A bone dry summer holiday break for kids

Press release issued for Bloccs – completely waterproof cast protectors for arms and legs
Bloccs cast protectors are 100 per cent waterproof Bloccs cast protectors are 100 per cent waterproof

· 80 per cent of Brits told ABTA they took a holiday in 2013.

· But for the 37,000 kids who broke a bone before the annual family holiday last year, a splash in the pool was strictly off limits due to plaster casts and dressings.

· Bloccs new 100 per cent waterproof cast protectors are proving to be the summer holiday lifesaver for families in 2014.

A holiday swim needn’t be off limits for the thousands of children who break a bone this summer – provided their parents leave room in the suitcase for a waterproof Bloccs cast protector.

Doctors warn that if the padding under a plaster cast or dressing gets wet, a nasty skin infection can develop – making a swim in the pool or splash in the sea almost impossible while on holiday.

With *67 per cent of people planning on taking a holiday in 2014, and thousands of ill-timed injuries expected before a rubber ring is unpacked from the suitcase, a Bloccs protector could be the perfect summer holiday solution for parents looking for a bone dry break.

Kate Richards, director of Bloccs, said: “Having a child with an injury, plaster cast or dressing while on holiday can make things very challenging for parents and kids alike – potentially ruining a hard-earned holiday.

“A Bloccs waterproof protector can rescue a beach or poolside holiday by helping kids play in the pool or enjoy water sports in the sea.

“They slip over injured arm or leg casts as easy as a glove or a stocking and fit kids of all shapes and sizes.

“Bloccs protectors are watertight, self-sealable, reusable and guaranteed to put the fun back into the sun on your holiday.”

Liza Davis, a mother of two from Buckinghamshire, said: “My seven-year-old daughter broke her wrist two days before we were due to fly to Mexico and I was devastated for her, thinking she wouldn’t able to swim or go on the beach.

“I ordered two half arm Bloccs protectors and they saved our holiday.

“My daughter swims like a fish and wore the protectors twice daily for at least an hour a time, for 11 days. It’s still going strong it didn’t leak once.

“Bloccs helped make our holiday a success.”

Mother of three Hannah McMullan said: “My five-year-old daughter broke her arm two days into the summer holidays and within 30 seconds of being in the bath she got her cast wet – despite me continually reminding her to hold it up!

“I thought it would ruin the holiday, but a friend told me about Bloccs.

“It saved the holiday – she was able to play in the sand, swim in the sea and go to her friends swimming party.

“Bloccs is the best product ever and hospitals should tell you about them.”

Bloccs is developed by Precision Dippings Ltd – the Bristol-based manufacturer that put the rubber stretch into the Stretch Armstrong toy. The family-run Business was established in 1964, building its reputation out of designing and manufacturing rubber components for everything from Formula 1 cars, to medical equipment, and water sport dry suits to the iconic Stretch Armstrong toy.

Since launching its Bloccs protectors less than two years ago, sales have risen by 150 per cent. The full range of protectors are now available from bloccs.com, and can be found in major Boots stores and on boots.com


*80 per cent of Brits took a holiday either in the UK or abroad in 2013, according to the ABTA Consumer Trends Survey 2013:

*According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), 37,186 children (under 16s) were admitted to hospital in England last year with fractured bones.

According to the BDRC Continental, 67 per cent of people are planning on taking a holiday in 2014

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