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Listen up hospitality, bad PR’s coming to get you

A warning from a national travel writer via Twitter this morning, for independent UK hotels – or indeed any business that just has a go at, rather than invests in professional PR. To be taken seriously by reviewers and journalists, the press pitch needs consideration.

Percentage social media

The whistle’s blown on another football season and with it the Match of the Day pundits’ weekly serving up of trademark clichés.  To fill the void, some PR punditry, inspired by classic “percentage football” – here’s why every business should do more than take a punt on social media. The fact you’re reading this blog […]

Using a marketing agency for social media

We saw the post below on marketingdonut.co.uk (click image to read) and thought it would be useful to share our thoughts. Emily Lockey makes lots of good points in her article – time and expertise are the two common factors limiting most companies from marketing successfully, whether executing social media, public relations or any communications […]

Blog inspiration from illustrator Alice Tait

Several years ago I picked up a beautiful map of London’s South Bank, illustrated by Alice Tait.  At the time it captivated me and being something of a nice things collector, I’ve kept it, with my growing pile of tube maps – something else I can never throw away. This evening it was a pleasure […]

Negative PR, or just a clever stunt?

Word of mouth, it’s what everyone wants from a PR campaign. On first impression, the above headline may appear damaging for Italian tourism, but it would come as no surprise if this story originated from a public relations outfit.  Will we see “World’s most expensive ice cream” scoops in national media and food press this […]