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Frome’s Twitter stream: US election special

Thought it would be fun to add a quick post showing what the people of Frome – the great Somerset town in which we live and work – have been tweeting about in the last 15 hours. Here are the phrases and words which featured the most in Frome’s tweets – no great surprises!

Frome’s Independence Day attracts national support

Two years ago, a group of people in Frome got together, following concerns over a planning bid from a large supermarket chain. Two years on, Keep Frome Local, continues its campaign against yet more supermarket expansion into Frome, but has stepped things up. Later this month, it will host Independence Day, Frome’s one-day event about the future of town centres and campaigning against supermarket expansion. The first UK event of its kind, it’s received an overwhelming amount of support and has also attracted lots of regional and national media attention.

A week in the life of a press release

I’ve written before about the power of the press release, citing examples of how hard a well crafted media story can work. But this week, I reckon we’ve smashed it. Here’s what happened to our story about the remains of a World War II carrier pigeon found to be carrying a coded message.