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Real ghostbusting: how PR saved a hauntingly quiet pub

Real ghostbusting: how PR saved a hauntingly quiet pub. Two years ago we were contacted to help local pub the Inn at Freshford raise its profile. It had been abandoned by locals and wasn’t attracting new customers quickly. In autumn 2010, its ghostly quiet bar was more likely to be frequented by its spooky regulars…

Media coverage served up for Inn at Freshford

It’s been another busy, but great start to the week. More media coverage of pigeon racing has rolled out since Saturday’s BBC Breakfast News feature. We’ve also engineered further high profile results for the lovely Inn at Freshford this week, with which we recently launched Save Bath’s Historic Pubs campaign. For starters, the pub and its campaign was featured on BBC Radio Bristol on Saturday morning; the main course was an equally tasty serving of ITV News coverage; there’s a little breathing space before dessert arrives later, on Heart FM.

Why PR isn’t a lottery

Not including any of the BBC media coverage achieved for one particular client, with whom we have been working since April, we’ve notched up a whopping amount of exposure. Had this been bought as advertising space, it would have cost a minimum of £750,000.

PR results / Super Saturday

As per my previous post, yesterday, despite its numerical placement in the month, was great. It began with the results from more hard work on behalf of Avalanche Media clients.

More media snowballs (couldn’t resist)

It’s all go for Avalanche Media this week. It’s our job to keep people and businesses profiled and talked about, which means we’re continually working on the next PR opportunity for clients, to give them much more chance of being seen and heard